Trying Something New from WesMonTy RC&D on Vimeo.
Trying Something New, USDA WesMonTy RC&D
farmers market promotion vimeo to get kids excited to go to farmers markets made in West Virginia by former WVFMA BoD member Joel Wolpert. The video was filmed over the summer of 2010 in Barbour, Preston, Randolph, and Tucker counties in West Virginia. It features area farmers: Scott Weaner of Rolling Thunder Vegetable Preserve; Donald Harris of the Poor Farm; Dellis Rowan of the Rowan Family Farm; Joel, Katie & Oscar Wolpert of Wolpertinger; with the traditional soundtrack “Shebeg Shemore” performed by Don Olson of Blue Rock Farm.

Farmers Markets in the Digital World.

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Handy email tips for marketing your farmers market. Includes tips on market vendor and leadership interaction. Runtime: 5:49

Free social media marketing for 4 components of your farmers market Runtime: 6:15