The WVFMA is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of representatives from member markets and food-system stakeholders, elected annually by our members.  As a member, you and/or your organization will receive certain roles, privileges and voting rights according to the category that you select, and as outlined below.

To apply or renew your membership, you may do so by:

A) Download the application to print and mail in with check.


B) Apply online then pay with PayPal via the following:

Membership Options

Farmers Market WVFMA Member $50

  • Open to farmer groups and/or individuals designated as farmers markets by the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.
  • Benefits: Each Market Entity is counted as one member and is entitled to one vote.
  • Website posting, with updates, of your farmers market.
  • Resources available for download from WVFMA website.
  • Cooperative approach to issues of concern to all markets (for example, food safety meetings with the WVDHHR & statewide farmers market survey)
  • Education activities for farmers and market managers
  • Education activities for consumers about farmers markets and products
  • Annual meeting and voting rights

Associate of the WVFMA $35

  • Open to all other groups that do not qualify for another membership.
  • Benefits: Link to your website.
  • Resources available for download from WVFMA website.
  • Education activities.
  • Cooperative purchasing or exchange opportunities.
  • Annual meeting (Note: Associate Members cannot vote.)

Farmers & Friends of the WVFMA $25

  • Friends cannot vote but can participate in most other activities. Open to the following:
  • Farmer/Artisan/Market Manager /General Public
  • Benefits: Link to your agricultural Website.
  • Resources available for download from WVFMA website.
  • Education activities
  • Cooperative purchasing or exchange opportunities
  • Annual Meeting (Note: friends of the Market cannot vote.)