Board Members

WVFMA is fortunate to have a very active 11-member Board of Directors, of which several are representatives of local farmers markets. If you are interested in contacting them, you can do so through

Sandy Burky – President

Sandy returned home to the Mountain State full-time in 2003. She has worked to develop initiatives that not only preserves neighborhood integrity and rural mountain lifestyle but promotes and celebrates the vast beauty of West Virginia, the state’s people, their heritage, farming, foods, local markets, businesses, and mountain arts.

Her business development skills and vision of marketing West Virginia mountain lifestyle, has helped focus and establish several agritourism initiatives, artist retail cooperatives, and retail space designed to celebrate a modern West Virginia lifestyle.  Sandy is also the co-founder of Mountain Roots Markets, developed to provide local markets offering local produce, foods, arts, and crafts.

Sandy is committed to promoting West Virginia products and venues to national and international markets.  She offers business-consulting services to assist organizations, businesses and communities in the areas of asset mapping, strategic planning, product development, sales, marketing, and public relations.

Sandy has a tendency to thrive as an instigator of new ideas and a builder of new initiatives.  She enjoys vision, strategy, and execution of plans while managing networks and resources and watching businesses and initiatives come to life, grow, and thrive.

Although highly mobile, Sandy enjoys her remote home in the rural area of Helvetia, WV that was founded by her Swiss ancestors in 1869.

Kacey Gantzer

Kacey Gantzer – Vice President

Kacey was born and raised on a former dairy farm in Ohio County, WV. Growing up she was heavily involved in 4-H and always interested in preserving WV farming heritage. Gantzer’s grandmother was the first female county Farm Bureau president in WV and she vowed to carry on the tradition of service to the farming community.

Kacey began farming full-time raising organic vegetables and building a cottage food jam business. After a few years selling at the Wheeling Farmers Market she competed in the National Farm Bureau Discussion Meet. Following the event, she became the farm manager for ECO-Vrindaban a non-profit farm in Marshall County and completed her Master of Professional Studies, Organizational Leadership.

From there she went on to manage the farms of Grow Ohio Valley a non-profit devoted to education and farming in Wheeling, and then became the Sales and Aggregation manager running the non-profit’s CSA, mobile farmers market, Farmacy, and wholesale accounts. With a focus on developing farmer relations and growing the local agriculture community, she started providing production planning, marketing, and additional services to local producers. Today Kacey is the Northern Region Planning Coordinator for the WVDA, working to strengthen the health of our farmers markets and community. Working one on one with farmers to grow their businesses is a passion and heritage she plans to pass on to her two young daughters.

Jenny Hudson – Treasurer

Jenny Hudson moved to West Virginia in 2008 and began working on a citywide initiative called Sustainable Williamson. As director of the Mingo County Diabetes Coalition, she is part of a research project employing clinical and neighborhood interventions to improve public health. She worked with the local government to launch the Williamson Farmers Market and Ramella Park Garden of Eatin’ and assisted with the recruitment of core volunteers and outreach efforts to engage farmers.

Jenny has helped to secure resources to sustain local food projects including a prescription vegetable voucher system. She also co-created service learning programs centered on local foods and an annual agriculture workshop series in Williamson. She is currently working on a project with area veterans to promote agriculture on surface mined lands.

Jeanie Smith – Secretary

Jean Smith is retired from the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.  She served as the Director of Marketing and Development from 1999 until her retirement in 2015.  She in charge of the development of various farmers markets in WV and served as the WVDA representative for Capital Market in Charleston, which grew from the former Charleston Farmers’ Market, operated by the Department of Agriculture. She was instrumental in the development and growth of the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program in West Virginia.  

Jean remains passionate in her love of Agriculture in her retirement.

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Lisa has lived in Morgantown, WV since 2005 when she initially landed there to attend West Virginia University. She earned a B.S.A. in Animal and Nutritional Science in 2009 at West Virginia University (WVU) and an M.S. in Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Design from WVU in 2011. She is currently working on a Ph.D. in Human & Community Development with a research focus in food systems.

Lisa has been the Program Coordinator for the West Virginia University Extension Small Farm Center for over 8 years. Prior to which she managed the state’s most successful farmers market for four years and aided in the growth of sales to almost $500,000 annually. She has dreams of becoming a farmer one day, but in the meantime takes care of a vegetable and herb garden along with her fruit trees.

Fiona Harrison

Fiona was born in California and grew up a beach girl.  She had no interest in local foods, agriculture, or seasonal eating (everything is always in season in CA!).  Fiona graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Natural Resources and has always loved the outdoors, nature, camping, and hiking.  She worked all over the west for the National Park Service, the USDA Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and California State Parks.

She moved to West Virginia in 2001 and in 2009, after five years in the wine industry, she decided to start a small farm.  She was a vendor at the Charles Town Farmers Market for five seasons, and she took over managing that market in 2012.  Along with a market committee, she grew that market from just a few vendors in 2011 to over 40 vendors on the books in 2015.  It is one of the premiere markets in the state and continues to foster a sense of community and friendship on Saturday mornings.

Fiona maintains a flock of  approximately 50 laying hens, a garden and seven cats.  In addition to being at market, she can be found in the garden cursing at the honeysuckle, declaring death to the chickweed with her flame weeder and waging war on the groundhogs that insist on chewing holes in her fence.

Ruby Daniels

Ruby Daniels is an herbalist, farmer, herbal product manufacturer, and partner in West Virginia Forest Farming Initiative.  Ruby was born in Maryland and spent her formative years growing up in Columbia, MD. Ruby families have been residents in Virginia which is currently West Virginia since the 1700s.  Her summer were spent in Southern West Virginia, and played a big part in development of her career. Ruby Daniels also teaches workshops that focus on her Afrolachian heritage and educates the community of her African American heritage that has influenced her work with field grown herbs and forest botanicals.    

Ruby Daniels received her Bachelors of Science in Theater Design at Towson University, and later received her Masters of Science in Therapeutic Herbalism at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Whiles pursuing her degrees Ruby lived in Baltimore city where she began cultivating herbs and vegetables in an Urban Environment.  She became involved in social movements in Baltimore city that address food insecurity and systemic racism.

Currently Ruby travels around West Virginia completing site visit and reports to help current and future forest farmers make the most of the woodland resources and building a network for herbalist and forest farmers and help develop an herbal industry in the state of West Virginia.  Ruby is currently an active Board member of West Virginia Farmers Market and United Plant Savers.  She also serves as a Community Engagement Coordinator for LIKEN (Livelihood Knowledge Exchange Network.)

Cathy Hervey

Cathy brings her two passions of education and agriculture together by educating individuals on the importance of locally produced foods, where and how food is grown, harvested and taken to market. She is committed to educating various facets of West Virginia agriculture.

Cathy also has experience with providing Agritourism, value added products, produce operation (field crops and 2 high tunnels), sweet sorghum, pastured pork and poultry to her small operation in the Northern Panhandle, Family Roots Farm. Maple Syrup production is her passion. In 2002 her family began making maple syrup as a hobby. She now markets maple products at Farmers Markets and Festivals where she has developed a loyal customer base.

In addition, Cathy serves as Secretary on Brooke County Farmers Market Board where she works with the Kids Garden Club and WVU Extension to provide garden space and education for children in the area. Cathy was instrumental in establishing the West Virginia Maple Syrup Producers Association (WVMSPA) in 2014 where she currently serves as Secretary/Treasurer.  She is a member of the Brooke County Ag Day Team where 5th graders from Brooke County Schools come to learn and experience agriculture first hand.

Evan Osborn

Evan has spent the majority of his career in the nonprofit sector, working to improve the lives of West Virginia’s underserved populations. A West Virginia native, he grew up in coastal North Carolina and attended high school and college in rural Virginia. Along the way he learned to appreciate the influences of the land and people around him. Evan serves as the Outdoor Market Manager for the Capitol Market in Charleston. At Capitol Market, he leads the operations of one of West Virginia’s busiest year-round markets.

Evan, along with his wife, Heather, and children, Amelia and Holden live in Charleston. When not at work, he enjoys cooking, especially with fresh seasonal ingredients from our beloved Mountain State.

Dr. Carol Greco

Dr. Carol Antonelli-Greco is a family medicine doctor based in Wheeling, WV. She received her medical degree from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine and has been in practice for more than 33 years. She is passionate about nutrition and its effect on her patient’s health and well-being. Through her work with Health Right, she has assisted with the formation of a group called FARMacy and has written a blog titled “Fast Food May be Your Last Food” and FARMacy WV website;

“FARMacy” was established to educate people that healthy food is medicine. Carol passionately works to promote health of patients with the understanding that convenient, unhealthy food permeates our culture and that people are in a hurry, too busy and too stressed. She is dedicated to the promotion of people eating locally grown foods as a prescription for a healthy life.

Candace Nelson

Candace Nelson is a marketing professional living in Charleston, W.Va.

Nelson is the author of the book “The West Virginia Pepperoni Roll” from West Virginia University Press.

Nelson authors a food column for the Charleston Gazette-Mail where she explores the Appalachian food community and works to help tell West Virginia’s story. Her work has appeared in publications across West Virginia, in addition to Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, NPR, Food & Wine, The Huffington Post, CBS Sunday Morning and more. She writes a blog that focuses on food culture in West Virginia, Candace Lately, which can be found at

She earned her Master of Science in Journalism (2013), Bachelor of Science in Journalism (2011) and Bachelor of Arts in English (2011) from West Virginia University.

She is a college instructor, author, published researcher, organization leader and community volunteer.

Past Board Members

Lisa DuMars, The Garden Path
Quincy Gray McMichael, Vernal Vibe Rise
Terry W. Hudson, Hudson Farms
Susan Maslowski, Mud River Pottery and Produce
Deaonna Crowe, Clarksburg Farmers Market
Buck Edwards, Buckhannon Area
Stacy Marteney, Buckhannon-Upshur Farmers Market
Dina Foster, Putnam Farmers Market
Shelly Keeney, The Wild Ramp
Steve Coleman, Clarksburg Area Farmers Markets
Janet McDaniel, Monroe Farmers Market
Larry Lower, Berkeley Springs Farmers Market
Kellie Boles, Jefferson Farmers Market
Carrie Brainard, Calhoun & Wirt Farmers Markets
Craig Canterbury, Jackson County Farmers Market
Ann Conageski, Parkersburg Farmers Market
Jack Dunbar, Breezy Heights Farm, Sinks Grove
Lesa Gay, South Morgantown Community Farmers Market
Steve Martin, Romney Farmers Market
Melissa Lewis, Putnam County Farmers Market
Savannah Lyons, Fayette County Farmers Market
Rachel Moran, Interim Appointed, Monroe Farmers Market
Katy Orr, Orrs Farm Market, Martinsburg
Bill Reebel, Mason County Farm Markets
Ann Sandor, Interim Appointed, Morgantown Farmers Market
Susan Sauter, Morgantown Farmers Market
Brenda Shiflett, Morgantown Farmers Market
Pam West, West Farm, Lewisburg
Joel Wolpert, Elkins Farm Market
Deb Workman, Bridgeport Farmers Market
Brenda Hunt, Barbour County Community Garden
Tom Myslinsky, Grow Local Go Local
Elizabeth Spellman, Fayette County Farmers Market